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Do you know who Hitoshi Aoshima is?

Besides of being known worldwide as the creator of 'Internal Stain Technique', he is considered as a mentor and a reference person by many relevant dental technicians such as Nondas , Oriol de la Mata and August Bruguera.

Of him they emphasize his masters with the morphology and his capacity to do amazing restorations with only 4 layers.

Aoshima created 'Internal Stain Technique' in 1990, the technique of layering with internal stains. This technique allows you to recreate, in a simple way, natural teeth that have a rich variety of shades.

He founded his own dental laboratory "Aureole" in 1993 and "Perla Aoshima" in April 2001. His book "Ceramic Example" and "Smile Design" have been translated into several languages. He has been Noritake's technical advisor and principal instructor.


If you are interested in learning the technique by his side, this June you have two opportunities for meeting him!

1) The 23rd of June you can attend his lecture and worldwide tribute in MIMETIC Congress, Madrid

"In my lecture 'Building a natural tooth' I will explain the details of this technique and how the procedure has evolved, showing many pictures of my cases, so you can see several examples of work done with this technique."

You can download the program of MIMETIC by clicking here

PARTICIPATE in his tribute

If you have any video of Aoshima or a photograph with him that you want to share with us so we can use it in your tribute, do not hesitate to send it to formacion@augustbruguera.com / +34 608 085 831.

2) The 25th of June you can attend his Hands On course in Dental Training Barcelona

If you want more information or want to register do not hesitate to write us a WhatsApp or call us at +34 608 085 831 or write to formacion@augustbruguera.com

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