Four Days Hands-on Veneer Masterclass (English)|August Bruguera| 14-17 October 2019| Barcelona

Four Days Hands-on Veneer Masterclass (English)|August Bruguera| 14-17 October 2019| Barcelona



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If you are a dental technician and you want to know everything about veneers ... this course is for you!

Dates: Monday 14-Thursday 17th October 2019

Course duration: 4 days, from 9:30-18:30

Venue: Dental Training Center Barcelona (C/Sardenya 229 6-5, Barcelona)

Language: English

Teacher: August Bruguera

Price: € 1650 includes training, personalized T-shirt, Coffee Breaks and Meals at the Training Center, Diploma.


Undoubtedly, adhesive cementation has revolutionized aesthetic dentistry.

In this course we immerse ourselves in the world of adhered ceramics to analyze all the truths and falsehoods poured on it. We will do it step by step, seeing and analyzing all the possibilities, pros and cons that it offers us to reach the conclusion that in individual restorations this will always be our first option.

Theoretical part:

•      Adhesion from A to Z. Why materials with a low intrinsic resistance acquire such high impact resistance.

•      Cement types and cementing protocols.

•      Types of preparation. Current preparation criteria suitable for adhesive cementation techniques.

•      BOPT technique. How to develop the gingival contours away from the dental contour. The NO definition of the end of preparation will give us the necessary freedom to develop the dental contour where we really need it.

•      Relevant concepts of occlusion. Overjet - Overbite. Correct location of the initial contours. MEMO BITE.

•      Injected Veneers. When and why. Different possibilities of rehabilitation.

•      Feldspathic veneers. Pros and cons. What real possibilities do they give us, can everything be rehabilitated with them?

•      Veneers on platinum sheet. They are better? What is the difference?

•      Veneer without any preparation. When and when not. Necessary requirements to be able to rehabilitate without any preparation.

•      Table Tops. The total, functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. Technique of the three steps of Francesca Vailati.

•      Partial Veneers. Small portions of adhered ceramic can often be an effective solution. When, how and why.

•      Veneers with very unfavorable preparation colors. We will analyze different techniques that will allow us to block a dark color of preparation, until getting to block 100% a severely dark substrate. For this we will see the different techniques of internal makeup, through the use of opaque bilges to the use of pure opaquers.

•      Ceramic layering. From A to Z. We will analyze the different techniques of ceramic layering, seeing the most advanced and novel concepts that simplify our work a lot. From simple layering to the copy of the unit central.

•      Color capture. Analog and digital. We will also analyze the influence of the color of the preparation and how to determine, based on it, which stratification technique will be the most appropriate. 

Practical part:

  • Table Tops. A table top will be waxed-up to analyze the waxing technique on the coating die and its placement in the cylinder.

• Lithium Disilicate Veneers. We will do two veneers on lithium disilicate. In one we will develop a very simple but effective layering using the incisal reduction technique. We will see how to avoid the absence of fluorescence of the disilicate in this type of restorations. In the other structure we will make a complete layering using a more complex technique and taking advantage of the advantages provided by internal stains in cases of little space.

Feldspathic veneers. Two feldspathic ceramic veneers will be made. One on a tooth without preparation and using a stratification technique of high translucency so that our restoration is saturated with the color of it. The second veneer will be made on platinum sheet and will be on a preparation of dark color but not very severe, where the color will be contributed by the restoration and we will analyze very thoroughly the work of stratification of the free edge (construction of mamelons and translucent zones)

• Partial Veneers. Using feldspathic ceramics will be the plus of a canine with a simple stratification technique.

• Veneers with very unfavorable preparation colors. We will make two veneers to block an unfavorable color color. In one of them we will use an internal stains technique to block this and in the other we will apply violet opaquer with the same objective. Two different techniques for the same final result.

August Bruguera demo:

  • BOPT technique. August will make the delimitation of a gingival contour to later design the position of the end of the restoration in a vertical preparation.

+++ Note: The program can be modified if August Bruguera wants to make some improvement in it.


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