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¿Do you want to know the most advanced and innovative techniques in the aesthetic dentistry?

If your answer is YES, please check our courses. 

If you join us it is because you want to practice a lot and improve your technical / clinical skills.

These are some of our trainers, professionals of international recognition: Sascha Hein, Nondas Vlachopoulos, Javier Tapia, Paolo Miceli, Juvenal de Souza, R. Monsano, Rafael Satrich, Naoto Yuasa, Shigeo Kataoka, Fabian Soto, Oriol de la Mata, Carlos Ayala, Darlos Soares, Fernando Rey, Michel Magne, Oliver Brix, Murilo Calgaro, Joan Sampol, Ginetom Rodrigues, August Bruguera

We can organize a special course with August Bruguera for groups.

Contact ☞  +34 608 085 831

Below you may check August Bruguera’s courses available in English. You have other amazing courses of Nondas, Sacha Hein and Lorant Stumpf in English. You can see them in our year programme CLICKING HERE



We are a team of professionals specialized in aesthetics and rehabilitation, trained in excellence and convinced to offer an accessible and quality product.

We feel like a small craft company, the result of 27 years of effort and dedication that pursues excellence throughout the process. We are not a big company or a marketing product, but yes, we are market leaders.

We work the models with the BOPT Technique, Cad / Cam and Memobite

If you want to contact us please write us an email to or call us to 0034 934 470 874



"My actual work is not understood without a sequence of events that have been forming and transforming it.

The commitment to excellence was clear for me from the first day, it has been my professional priority. It is what every day fills me with enthusiasm and motivation to reach new goals and thus make sense of a profession that every day demands more time from me".

1985. Opening of the lab in Barcelona.

1990. He gave his first conference in Alicante.

1993. He dictated his first international conference in Mexico.

2001. Developed injected ceramic pillars on implants.

2002. He published his first book "Sombras un mundo de color".

2009. He published "Invisible" as co-author with Dr. Sidney Kina.

2010. Developed the technique of direct injection of lithium disilicate on coating.

2013. Inauguration of the Dental Training Center Barcelona.

2014. The Dental Training Center already offered more than 30 courses per year. August is part of the prestigious Bio-Emulation group.

2016. He collaborated with Renfert to create waxes with his concept.

2015-Present He has taught courses and conferences in more than 20 countries all over the World. He is the opinion leader of Ivoclar Vivadent. 



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