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Is it difficult for you to choose the correct material for a restoration and to simplify your way of working ...?

If yes I have good news ... The 23rd of June in MIMETIC Congress you will be able to learn with Oriol de la Mata how to simplify your way of working to reduce your mistakes, spend less money and use less resources.

You will also have the opportunity to see him working live the 'Internal Stain Technique'. With this technique you will achieve surprisingly natural shades and results.

ORIOL DE LA MATA (Spain) is a dental technician and Noritake's opinion leader in Hispanic countries. His work philosophy is focused on "building natural teeth with the same technique as Hitoshi Aoshima".

In 1993 he opened a dental laboratory with his father, and later opened the Oral Line Laboratory in the Mexican city of Puebla. 

Click and download a PDF with the step-by-step of one of your restorations.

Do you want to see Oriol work live?

Come to MIMETIC Congress on 22-23rd of June in Madrid, Spain

CLICK HERE and check the amazing experience you can live with:


✔ You'll see Sascha Hein, Nondas and Oriol de la Mata WORKING LIVE

✔ You will know the step-by-step of the eLAB system to communicate the color and replicate in a reliable way.

✔ You will live a master lecture and tribute of the sensei Aoshima

✔ Much more!

For any question do not hesitate to send us a WhatsApp / Call at +34 608 085 831 or write us to formacion@augustbruguera.com

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