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Is it hard for you to imitate the color of a natural tooth?

If I have some good news ... The 22nd of June in Madrid, at the MIMETIC Congress, you will see SASCHA HEIN working live and will learn the step-by-step of the eLABor_aid® system.

If you come, you will...

DENTIST: Communicate the color of the tooth using technology relatively accessible to all

TECHNICIANS: Know how to replicate color in a reliable way without having to repeat your work.

Sascha Hein is going to show you how to develop a standardized protocol for dental photography using a normal digital camera (DSLR) and a macro flash.

He will also share with you amazing tips (like the ones below) to improve your color matching photo shoots and imitate the color of a tooth with precision:
1) The correct distance to take an intraoral photograph is about 25 cm.
2) It is important that the patient does not support the tongue on the teeth because this can interfere with the color

Do you want to know more about Sascha Hein and the eLABor_aid system? Take a look at the information below

SASCHA HEIN(Germany) is a dental technician, member of the Oral Design Group and BioEmulation.

CLICK and download an interesting article on eLABor_aid® system

“eLAB®” A new dawn in shade matching! 

Consistent shade matching of indirect restorations with natural dentition remains to be a formidable challenge, even for the most experienced of experts. Numerous factors which take adverse effect on the clinical outcome have long been identified. They include operator dependency (subjective shade selection and evaluation), insufficient shade guide coverage of the range of natural tooth shades as well as considerable inconsistencies among manufacturers shading regimes. 

The eLABor_aid® System was developed to combat these limitations by enabling objective shade communication using cross polarized dental photography in conjunction with a new and innovative digital work flow that will allow the dental ceramist to formulate an individual shade recipe and to measure its accuracy with the help of a digital try-in of the build-up prior to firing. 

¿Do you want to see Sacha Hein applying live the eLABor_aid® system?

Click here to check the content (demos and lectures) of MIMETIC Congress

Hope to see you the 22nd & 23rd June 2018 in Madrid, Spain


✔ You'll see Sacha Hein, Nondas and Oriol de la Mata WORKING LIVE 

 ✔ A standardized protocol with photography to create restorations with extraordinary results.

✔ You will see how to plan like August Bruguera a whole treatment based on fundamental parameters and how we protocolize this in predictable and repeatable steps. From an analog or digital aesthetic wax up to the fundamental concepts of occlusion.

✔ You will discover how to stratify and characterize like great dental prosthetics

✔ You will know why simplicity in technique is the key to success

✔ You'll see how the Internal Stain' Technique is done

✔ Much more!

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