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Our Dental School Bruguera, where you will find training for dentists – digital and analog – has evolved on the basis of knowledge and practice. August Bruguera's program is the result of experience, dedication and passion for our profession. We offer our students a wide range of training through a large catalog of courses in dental aesthetics and prosthetics. We are at the forefront of the latest digital and analog trends. In our industry, a professional is measured by their knowledge and implementation of them.

Our commitment is guaranteeing our students the highest quality training in techniques and procedures, whether digital or analog, technical or clinical. Among our wide variety of courses, you will find high-performance digital techniques, such as everything encompassing CAI/CAD/CAM digital technology; the most advanced analog techniques for dental aesthetics in the sector, such as the BOPT technique or the Memobite. The goal is to provide students with confidence and proficiency in order to maximize their investment in their professional careers. Let's grow together through knowledge!