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Learn by doing and train as a master of dentistry

We are people training people, we transfer our experience to you:

More than 750 courses taught around the world

More than 750 courses taught on all continents.

Since 2013 with more than 2350 students

Since 2013 more than 20,000 professionals have been trained with us.

30 years giving national and international conferences

giving national and international conferences.

Our school | Dental School Bruguera

Our values

Our values ​​as a company go through total transparency, honesty towards our equals is what has led us to the top as a reference center in online and face-to-face dental training.
The trust and respect of other colleagues in the profession is something that we work on continuously, that is why we have created an atmosphere A unique area where studying dentistry becomes an experience for your intellect.
The success of the student is the greatest triumph for a teacher, the achievement of your achievements is our best promotion as online dental training center. For this to happen, in addition to a high quality in the design of our courses, it is necessary to put our heart into all the classes we teach, whether online or in person.

Our methodology

The methodology of the Dental School by August Bruguera follows guidelines where practice, combined with a pleasant, dynamic and productive theory, are the basis of our training offer.
Our objective is to help our colleagues in the dental profession to give their first steps in the digital world, and provide them with analog knowledge. Putting these two methodologies together, we provide cutting-edge tools to train great teachers. Are you going to be the next Master of Dentistry? Stop looking for where to study dentistry and live the experience that will raise your knowledge to the highest level!


Ainhoa Fernández, .

August Bruguera, .

Bea Martín, .

Carlos Ayala, .

Fernando Rey, .

Florin Cofar, .

Francesca Vailati, .

Hitoshi Aoshima, .

Ignazio Loi, .

Javier Pimienta, .

Javier Tapia Guadix, .

Javier Tejado, .

Jon Gurrea, .

Jose Luis Parra Romero, .

Lòrànt Stumpf, .

Luiz Narciso Baratieri, .

Montse Mercadé Bellido, Endodontist Dentist.

Bachelor of DentistryMaster in Endodontics from the UICAssociate Professor of the Department of Dentistry and Postgraduate Endodontics at the University of BarcelonaCoordinating professor of the Integrated subject for adults and the optional course of Dental Traumatology of the degree in Dentistry of the UBAuthor of more than 30 publications in high-impact international journals on endodontics.Vice Dean of Research of the Faculty of DentistryLecturer at national/international conferences on endodonticsMember of AEDE, SEOC, IADR, IADT and AAE.

Murilo Calgaro, .

Naoto Yuasa, .

Nondas Vlachopoulos, .

Nondas is one of the most admired dental technicians worldwide. His love for his profession, his art, makes people see him as a benchmark for his technique, quality and precision in morphology. Nondas inspires, motivates...he's one of those MASTERS you don't want to miss watching working in live in your life!

Oriol de la Mata, .

Paulo Kano, Smile Design.


Ricardo Mitrani, v.


Rodrigo Monsano, .

Sascha Hein, .

Shigeo Kataoka, .

Sidney Kina, .

Víctor García, .

Waldo Zarco, .

Xavier Rodríguez Ciurana, Maxillofacial surgeon medical director.

Graduate in medicine and surgerySpecialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the UABCo-founder and Head of Research at BORGSecretary of the Catalan-Balearic Society of Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryPublications in international journals on Implantology and BOPTMaxillofacial Surgeon of the Barcelona Dental Traumatology and Autotransplantation UnitMember of the International Society of Dental TraumatologyMember of SCBCMO, SECOM, SEPES, SEPA

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