Mastering Direct Composites (English Edition)Mastering Direct Composites (English Edition)

Three fabulous days of theoretical and practical training with Dr. Javier Tapia

Emulate nature with GC Opinion Leader and Bio-Emulation founder

Days: 22nd, 23rd & 24th November 2021

Schedule: 3 days from 9:30-18:30

Place: Bruguera Dental School (C/Sardenya 229 6-5 Barcelona, 10 minutes walking from the Sagrada Familia). You will be in Barcelona City Center, come and enjoy some wonderful days in this amazing city.

Language: English


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You so not have to bring anything, we will provide you all the tools and materials for the practice.

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This course is organized in collaboration with GC Europe.

Equipo Docente

Javier Tapia Guadix

Javier Tapia Guadix, dds, cg artist - restauraciones directas estratificadas .

El Dr. Javier Tapia es un ARTISTA DE IMITAR LA NATURALEZA. Con él aprenderás a ser preciso y a hacer trabajos MUY NATURALES con composite y fotografías con el sistema eLAB que te permitirá imitar como nadie el color del diente.

Estructura del curso

The Bio-Emulation approach as written in structural analysis and visual synthesis defined the new bases to consider for replication of natural tooth structures with composite resin. The penta_laminar concept represents the ultimate implementation of this philosophy: analysing different ageing stages to build a dynamic shade concept that adapts to nature. However, feasibility of application of this concept is compromised by it’s intrinsic complexity, not accesible to all clinical conditions. By analysing the key factors of natural structure’s ageing process and applying this knowledge to the material selection, it is possible to simplify techniques to make them approachable in all situations. From a bi-laminar technique to the penta_laminar technique we can learn to adapt our work in order to optimise the clinical outcome achieving cost-effective treatments to cover our patients needs and expectations.

Direct composite restorations are the pillars of restorative dentistry, as such they become of capital importance as they provide the stability to a proper restored dentition. However, achieving stable, high quality, long-lasting direct restorations is extremely technique sensitive and requires a proper understanding of many factors including preparation, bonding and layering among others.

Through these three days of intensive hands-on course we will address all those factors in order to learn how to pursue and achieve excellence in direct composite restoration treatments.

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Mastering Direct Composites (English Edition)

Parte Teórica:

  • The programme is theorical-practical
    You will be trained on key factors for achieving high quality direct restorations, master color and domain the bio-emulation protocols.

Parte Práctica:

  • Dr. Javier Tapia will do demos and then you will practise advance techniques on young and senior tooth
    • Isolation • Preparation • Bonding • Layering • Finishing and polishing

¿Que obtendrás en este curso?:

  • You will obtain an official certificate of 'Bruguera Dental School'

Precio del curso

1350 EUR  •  1592.06 USD  •  31668.58 MXN

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Idioma curso English

Modalidad curso Carrer de Sardenya, 229, 6-5 (08013 - Barcelona)

Certificado Ausgust Bruguera Certificado August Bruguera
Próxima convocatoria: 21/11/2021 09:30h.
Duración: 22nd, 23rd & 24th November 2021 - Barcelona
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